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the bi frindz communtiey

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omg, [on 3-4-2006 at 8:25PM]

[ mood | scared ]

i wotch qweer ass folk lest nite nd saw penis :o
if ne1 has ne advoice fro mi abotu this matter plz comint or msg mi

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[on 1-22-2006 at 2:06PM]

[ mood | bi ]

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[on 1-1-2006 at 1:56PM]

[ mood | numb ]

hay guyzz

mi nams mary . wel i cam here bc i thoink this rle gud comunitey nd i cam here fro help from oter bi ppl ? wel newaysz thsi mi problim; i bin cuting sense i wer 6 yrs old nd mi parnets saw mi cuts the oter da :( idk wut 2 do. nd im bi 2 nd they saw pix of brit spears on mi wall and tehy like "r u bi ?@" nd im lik "ya." :(:((: nd wel now im groundeed fro a week !!! i mrean they rle haev kno rite 2 do that!!!! nd mi mom iz also mak mi vaccuum flors as punshmint >:O

wut should i do ?

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[on 12-31-2005 at 3:43AM]

[ mood | bi plz ]

Iz N E 1 geting layd on new yeeerz? LOL

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[on 12-25-2005 at 3:06PM]
merri birfdai of christ dai thinghy.!!!!!!!!111
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[on 11-27-2005 at 4:40PM]

[ mood | productive ]

asldkgsldkhglkhahhadkslgjslkdjg i know herrr
used to follwo everywhere we;d go
and it's so sweet
now she's slepegin with a boy i know
the boy i know
knoes a pretty girl in every toewn
and they way they look
they were made to let eachother down

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y [on 11-6-2005 at 2:12PM]

y dunt we gits ne new memberS? :[
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[on 11-2-2005 at 4:58PM]

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tak mi qwuiz. [on 10-21-2005 at 10:40AM]

[ mood | bai ]

Take the quiz: "wut can U fit in mi ass/? :rrubs ass: (HOT PIX GURLS ONLY)"

shampoo bottle
congratulation u can fit shampoo bottle up mi ass! :D

all other results in hear.Collapse )

I pressed REFRESH wehn I r8s it nd maks it so it can't be killed lik mi oather 1. =]

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FUCKYOU. [on 10-20-2005 at 12:49PM]

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i rites erotic novel todey [on 10-19-2005 at 7:45PM]

[ mood | haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ]

"fifi and roberto -- a story of tru luv nd lust "

ther 1nce wuz girl name fifi nd 1 day seh mets boi nam roberto he tel her "haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" nd she is layk "hiiiiiiiieeee :happY:" nd the goe to ice crem store nd eats cherry panda ppaws,. mmmm chery panda paws tast gud she says nd he is layk "I KNO!" nd seh goe, oooh baby let mi lik ur chery panda paws nd he like okai plz do it o ya plz. nd she duz nd he lik "do it agin plz" nd she lke, but i dunt wunt 2. do mi first. nd he sai OKAY nd he duz. nd it mak her whet nd going--opz i meanz coming. ......PULL MY HAIR. nd he say "i tink mi duck is herd plz tuch et." nd the do. nd ducky gits squirt quack quack quack when yu 21 yu no fun . fifi gits seaman in her eye nd it mak roberto go :happy: . jsut a little mroe love just a little more peas fro dinner nnd then mak swet luv after diner . he say peas r gren lik ur beautiful; eyez nd he tuch her nd they do it.

thi end.

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doctir i git this fever insied of mi. dep insied of mi. [on 10-18-2005 at 3:41PM]

[ mood | bisexuoil ]

Take the quiz: "::SPREADS LEGS:: What can you fit in my pussy? ::RUBS PUSSY::*new with pics!*"

A Whole Fucking Fist
Hell yea you bitch U2U me!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

who else tink ther ned to be a eleephint mud theam?! I""LL TELL YU WHO! MI!
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hayeeeeeee [on 10-18-2005 at 8:03PM]
[ mood | bi ]

1. r u bi? - nah i b tri
2. do u lik fesh? - fo shizzle mah bizzle
3. who is ur roel model of all time? azfazel *fapfapfap
4. who do u think mak best qwuiz on zen hex? bi ppl
5. asl? if i tell u... will u cyburr wiff mi//
6. wut ur result of this qwuiz?
7. do u lik cyber? i liek 2 cibur tha coke machine oh oh ya babiii ya
8. r u stanist? onleh on sundaiz
9. u like mcr? ya i liek mi chokoo rrrrrpie
10. r u haevign pix??? ya dey r in tha albuhm in tha closet loling~1223

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OMGZZZZ!!! sinse we r all saytinists heer, I desided too post dis... [on 10-17-2005 at 3:36PM]

Dark Funeral Vocalist Is 'Somewhat Impressed' By Fan's Murder Of Priest
artist: dark funeral date: 10/14/2005 category: general music news

Dark Funeral vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula has commented on the murder of an Italian Catholic priest in Chile last year at the hands of a self-proclaimed Dark Funeral fanatic, reports Blabbermouth.net.

On July 24, 2004, Rodrigo Orias, 26, slit Father Faustino Gazziero's throat, smeared his face with the victim's blood and then stabbed himself several times in the chest and neck with the same knife while hundreds of churchgoers at Santiago's Metropolitan Cathedral watched in horror.

Orias (photo1, photo2, posing in Chile with Marduk), who had a pentagram branded on the left side of his chest (covering his heart) and several other symbols of the occult tattooed on his body (photo), reportedly asked Caligula during the Swedish black metal band's visit to Santiago in 2003 to burn an inverted cross on Rodrigo's arm with a cigar — a "mark" which Orias later planned to make into a tattoo.

Following the murder, Dark Funeral were bombarded with e-mails from the Chilean media wanting to know whether or not the band enourages their fans to kill priests.

”I burnt him with a Cohiba, a very fine cigar," recalls vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula in the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Close-Up. "That night is a bit of a blur, because I was wasted on Pisco, Chilean cognac. Anyway, this guy came up to me and asked me to burn a cross on his arm. I'm not one to say no, so I puffed on the cigar to get it hot enough and he got his cross. I didn't press the cigar against his skin several times, instead I dragged it like a soldering-iron up and down his arm. He didn't seem to be feeling any pain. He was ecstatic that he was able to meet us. Afterwards we had our picture taken together and I thought he was a cool guy."

"Before we found out the name of the killer, I though it was another fan," says Dark Funeral guitarist Lord Ahriman. "A guy in Santiago [the capital of Chile] just stood there crying when he met me. He knew everything about Dark Funeral. It was creepy. He'd bought the same guitar as the one I have, a BC Rich Warlock, and he had desecrated graves to honor us. He said, 'My Lord, give me an order and I will execute it.'"

"People ask us if our music caused the murder. I don't think so," says Emperor Magus Caligula. "Sure, we sing about killing Christians and blood and feathers falling from angels are present in a lot of the lyrics. Maybe the music triggered him somehow, but he probably would have harmed someone even if he hadn't been listening to [Dark Funeral]. He was not well. But I have to say that I'm…er, SOMEWHAT impressed. He deserves some credit. You’re not supposed to say that, but I don't care."
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[on 10-16-2005 at 2:56PM]

1. r u bi? idk, letzzz fined out
2. do u lik fesh? yezzz
3. who is ur roel model of all time? bill O' Reilly
4. who do u think mak best qwuiz on zen hex? "would you suck my cock?", or something leik that
5. asl? wouldn't you liek 2 no
6. wut ur result of this qwuiz? mayde me hungre.
7. do u lik cyber? blissfulcryptic stole mah answer
8. r u stanist? only wehn it's convynyent
9. u like mcr? my colon's revenge is tha gr8test
10. r u haevign pix??? oooh, look at mah gooch
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[on 10-16-2005 at 2:27PM]

plz fill out this form when applying:
1. r u bi? ya u wanna see? lol
2. do u lik fesh? noex i am a vegitiran
3. who is ur roel model of all time? arnold schwartenager
4. who do u think mak best qwuiz on zen hex? reverand eval
5. asl? 42/f/bi
6. wut ur result of this qwuiz? i will tak in in a few after editing this.
7. do u lik cyber? i puts my penias into the vhs playr
8. r u stanist? yes
9. u like mcr? my coalabear rampage?
10. r u haevign pix??? omg noez! i am so ugly! lololol
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^_^ [on 10-16-2005 at 2:20PM]

haiiiiii welcum 2 zensecks communiti !

pleeas stert poting ur application so we kin git communiti up an running
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